Great Majority of Germans are against the Legalisation of non-therapeutic Circumcisions

70% of Germany’s population think the new circumcision law is wrong

According to a survey by the renowned Infratest dimap Institute, done for the “Facharbeitskreis Beschneidungsbetroffener in Verein MOGiS e.V.” (a working group of men negatively affected by circumcisions as children) in December 2012 70% of the German population oppose the new law to legalize circumcision on minors for non-therapeutic reasons. Only 24% spoke in favor of the law, which recently passed the german Bundestag.

The chairman of MOGiS e.V., stated: “It can be clearly seen that the german people do not support the Bundestag’s decision to legalize circumcision on minors without their consent, and for any reason. The vast opposition throughout all social and political groups also shows that critical opinions regarding the law are not being fuelled by antisemitism or antireligious feelings, but rather based on valueing the children’s rights to bodily integrity and self-determination”.

Irmingard Schewe-Gerigk – chairwoman of TERRES DES FEMMES and actively fighting female genital mutiliation (FGM) – stated: “Once again the majority of our Members of Parliament showed that they did not take the concerns of 70% of the population, across all ages and social groups, seriously”. Also she announced to keep on advocating children’s rights to bodily integrity. “The government wanted to bury the topic quickly, but we will make sure the society keeps on speaking out against this violation of human rights”, she added.